We live in uncertain times and 2022 is looking like it may be a challenging year for South Africans at home and abroad. In addition to the continuing pandemic, lockdowns and rising global inflations, a looming energy crisis, South Africans must also contend with domestic political uncertainty, the ever-present fear of street violence and disorder and a government intent on increasing tax revenues. 

This webinar looks at how South Africans can increase their financial security and build long-term wealth, including: 

Asset Protection & Tax Efficiency

  • Protecting South African & international assets
  • The importance of tax efficiency
  • Externalising wealth & internationalised assets
  • The Trust solution
  • Tailor-made end-to-end solutions & ongoing support

Second Passports & Residency

  • How Citizenship by Investment works
  • The most popular Plan B routes explained
  • The UK, USA, Canada, Portugal and more

Live Q&A

Ask our experts 

The best way to protect and grow your wealth is to be well informed and make good decisions. Register below to join our panel of experts live and stay one step ahead.

January 26 – 4pm UAE (GMT+4)