January 26 – 4pm UAE (GMT+4)

We live in uncertain times and 2022 is looking like it may be a challenging year for South Africans at home and abroad. In addition to the continuing pandemic, lockdowns and rising global inflations, a looming energy crisis, South Africans must also contend with domestic political uncertainty, the ever-present fear of street violence and disorder and a government intent on increasing tax revenues. 

This webinar examined how South Africans can increase their financial security and build long-term wealth, including: 

Asset Protection & Tax Efficiency

  • Protecting South African & international assets
  • The importance of tax efficiency
  • Externalising wealth & internationalised assets
  • The Trust solution
  • Tailor-made end-to-end solutions & ongoing support

Second Passports & Residency

  • How Citizenship by Investment works
  • The most popular Plan B routes explained
  • The UK, USA, Canada, Portugal and more

Live Q&A – Ask our experts 

Our guests for this webinar

Rex Cowley – Overseas Trust & Pension – Trusts & Pension
Shayne Peacock – Holborn Assets – Citizenship and Residency Expert