What to do if the pandemic has disrupted your tax planning

The pandemic has affected every area of our lives and tax is no different. Travel restrictions, lockdowns and the need to support the family have inadvertently caught many expatriates in the wrong tax jurisdiction longer than the usual allowances permit. It has resulted in some potentially complex tax residency issues that can prove extremely costly to unsuspecting individuals.

In this webinar, Neil Chadwick examines the various tax complications caused by Covid, including inadvertent residence caused by “overstaying”. He mainly covers the situation affecting UK nationals but also touches upon issue affecting South African and other nationalities caught unexpectedly in the tax residency net.

Our guest presenter – Neil Chadwick,

Head of Technical Services, RL360, Isle of Man.

Neil has worked in financial services for over 20 years. He is an expert in taxation, trusts and estate planning.

Recorded on March 16 – 2021 – 4pm UAE (GMT+4)



*Disclaimer: This webinar does not constitute tax advice. It is for information purposes only