UK Property Investments 
Why now is the perfect market entry point

Historically UK property has proved an excellent long-term investment producing dependable yields through rentals and enhanced capital returns. Right now, the stars are aligning to create a perfect entry point for investors looking for outsize returns. 

In this webinar, we examined the UK and London property markets and explain the confluence of factors creating the perfect sweet spot for overseas investors to enter the market. 

Topics covered include:

✅ Exchange rate advantage – Sterling vs the Dollar 
✅ Attractive entry prices
✅ Soaring rental levels and demand
✅ The effect of the Stamp Duty cut
✅ Mortgages & financing for overseas buyers
✅ The investment process
✅ Landmark property investment opportunities in London, Birmingham & Brighton

Join our award-winning team and guest property expert Richard Bradstock to learn how you can benefit from this once-in-a-lifetime sweet spot to invest in UK property.

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