In today’s world, many investors find themselves living internationally and they increasingly realise the benefits of obtaining a passport in a second or even third country. In recent years it is common for high net worth individual to seek out multiple citizenship opening up business opportunities and allowing families to live, be educated and work in their new country.

At the top of the desirable list of second citizenship countries is a handful of European countries that offer access to high-quality education, a very high standard of living, career opportunities and access to the EU. Portugal and Spain are particularly popular with many international citizens deciding to live their permanently. 

Second passport holders often need international investment structures for their pensions and assets that provide security, tax efficiency and flexibility to allow them to protect and grow their wealth.

This webinar will discuss the merits of second citizenship and the planning and preparation required to ensure maximum value, protection and tax efficiency on a family’s assets.

Our Guest Speakers

Pablo Ostrick – Partner –  Holborn Assets
Pablo is an international expert in citizenship and residency by investment and will speak about second passport options

Geoff Dore –  International Wealth and Fiduciary Specialist – Overseas Trusts & Pensions Group
Geoff is an expert in international investments and will present on tax efficiency and the use of trusts and pensions in Spain and Portugal 


January 26 – 4pm UAE (GMT +4)