Living in the USA, Europe, the UK and other desirable destinations around the world ccould change you and your family’s life!

Moving to one of these exciting and dynamic destinations through residency and second passport programmes will enable you to the kind ambitions that dreams of made of, including:

  • A better life for your family
  • Increased educational opportunities for your children
  • Better employment prospects
  • The chance to establish a new business venture
  • Protecting your savings and wealth from excessive taxation
  • Escape political persecution or restrictions

This webinar will provide you with all the information you need to turn your dreams into a reality!

Holborn Assets Partner Pablo Ostrick will join Michele to examine the world’s best residency and citizenship programmes. They will discuss the costs, process, timelines and benefits of some of the most popular international programmes and explain how you can start working towards new citizenship in the world’s most desirable countries today.                                                                

March 2 – 2021 – 4pm UAE